Sunder Katwala is director of British Future and former general secretary of the Fabian Society.

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24 June 2013
Of the sportsmen who lost their lives in the Great War, Wilding was quite probably the greatest of them all.
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06 June 2013
An Islamic Centre in north London was destroyed in a fire in the early hours of yesterday morning. Police are treating...
25 May 2013
The Anglo-German relationship has been transformed into one of friendly sporting rivalries and mutual respect.
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23 May 2013
Don't hand the killers a megaphone.
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22 April 2013
Cause for optimism.
21 February 2013
A breakthrough for British Asians in sport.
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20 February 2013
London remains a majority-white and majority-British-born city. That was what the 2011 census found. But you may be...
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14 January 2013
New polling by British Future.
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11 December 2012
“Mixed race? What’s all this mixed race nonsense? If you’re not white, you’re black.”...
15 November 2012
Football's forgotten tribe.
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07 November 2012
The Republicans used to routinely win Presidential elections. Now the party will have to have a fundamental rethink if...
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04 November 2012
Britain thinks of itself as an old country, in which history and tradition matter. That is a sensibility shared...
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13 October 2012
As I reached the top of the stairs at Embankment tube station, heading around to the ticket barrier, a voice behind me...
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29 September 2012
The clown of city hall has a lot to teach.
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10 September 2012
The clues were there before.