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Steven Baxter
27 April 2011
So we can finally talk about Andrew Marr. Hooray for us. What a victory for democracy and freedom of speech that we can...
Steven Baxter
20 April 2011
Rio Ferdinand's ordeal at the hands of a stalker has made some of our favourite tabloids giddy with excitement. There's...
UK Politics
19 April 2011
What if a general election were a horse race? No, too complicated. Fences. Horses and jockeys. Difficult to understand...
Steven Baxter
11 April 2011
Agreeing with Kelvin MacKenzie makes me angry. I wince as I type these words. But here it is: he's right about...
Steven Baxter
08 April 2011
Talk of a merger between the Daily Mail and Daily Express seems a mixed blessing for those of us who wouldn't...
Steven Baxter
04 April 2011
Farewell, then, to the unloveliest newspaper that ever lived, the wretchedly tacky ejaculation of juvenile chortling...
Steven Baxter
01 April 2011
April Fool
27 March 2011
Violence is good television; peace is not. The people who smash things know this. They aren't necessarily natural...
Steven Baxter
22 March 2011
One of the loveliest things about Twitter is that the question "What is Twitter for?" still hasn't been...
Steven Baxter
21 March 2011
IT'S WAR. The Sunday Mirror headline said it all. It wasn't quite the barely restrained glee of Chris Morris's...
Steven Baxter
18 March 2011
"Do you want the royal wedding special edition of that?"I was a bit stymied by the question. And surprised....
Steven Baxter
15 March 2011
I remember 12 September 2001. I spent the day on a coach heading up to Liverpool for a football match, and all you...
Steven Baxter
09 March 2011
Everywhere you look, the cuts are coming – cuts to budgets, cuts to staffing levels, cuts to spending. 2011 could...
Steven Baxter
07 March 2011
The resignation letter from the ex-Daily Star journalist Richard Peppiatt, complaining about an anti-Muslim agenda that...
Steven Baxter
05 March 2011
Every now and then, I find myself on the receiving end from those strange little creatures we call trolls. It's not the...