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Steven Baxter
21 October 2011
Trophy corpse
Steven Baxter
19 October 2011
Unfunny jokes
Steven Baxter
14 October 2011
Jobhunting isn't fun. There are many un-fun things about it, from the circulatory rejection email to the bottomless pit...
Steven Baxter
12 October 2011
Don't worry about press regulation; the Daily Mail is going to start running a corrections column. It's taken Paul...
Steven Baxter
07 October 2011
Sometimes I like to think of a world in which everything that's said at the Conservative Party conference is true....
Steven Baxter
04 October 2011
Press shame
02 October 2011
So here it is, then, the legacy of the Coalition taking shape. 80mph motorways, weekly bin collections, 5p plastic bags...
Steven Baxter
16 September 2011
It's no surprise that punters trust journalists even less than before after the phonehacking scandal. But it's not just...
Steven Baxter
13 September 2011
I don't think Right Minds is for me. This isn't a tremendous surprise given my political leanings, but it's not that. I...
Steven Baxter
08 September 2011
Chance is such a funny thing. Only the other day, I was politely written to by a potential employer and told that,...
Steven Baxter
07 September 2011
Fortress Wapping is no more. At least, it will be no more soon, as News International seeks to sell off the site which...
Steven Baxter
02 September 2011
Grinding to a halt?
Steven Baxter
31 August 2011
We've all been there. That moment when you realise that you are hopelessly out of your depth can strike at any time....
Steven Baxter
25 August 2011
There is an iconic image from every war. Sometimes it's a photograph, or a piece of film; sometimes it's a piece of...
UK Politics
24 August 2011
It can't be easy for David Cameron. You take a nice holiday, to which you're perfectly entitled, and then news happens...