Patrolling the murkier waters of the mainstream media

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Steven Baxter
22 December 2011
What have we learned from Leveson, Part One? Where is all this leading? And what are we going to get out of it, apart...
Steven Baxter
15 December 2011
Media tribalism has always existed, but now it's more obvious than ever. The BBC's director general suspects there's a...
Steven Baxter
12 December 2011
Oh, come off it
Steven Baxter
01 December 2011
This was going to be a post about Jeremy Clarkson. About how I like Clarkson: as right-wing writers go, he's rather...
Steven Baxter
28 November 2011
Steven Baxter
24 November 2011
Not all about Sienna
Steven Baxter
20 November 2011
Ahead of the November 30 strike, it's important to understand why low-paid workers might be resentful towards public...
Steven Baxter
18 November 2011
What is the appeal?
Steven Baxter
14 November 2011
I am leaving the phone at home.Those words are easy to write, but not so easy to carry out in practice. But I think it'...
Steven Baxter
11 November 2011
Muslims Against Crusades, the attention-seeking troublemakers who have burned poppies to enrage people who write for...
Steven Baxter
08 November 2011
All my Christmases have come at once with an early gift from the Daily Mail's new Corrections and Clarifications column...
Steven Baxter
03 November 2011
Liz Jones has got Twitter angry. No, that won't do at all; it hasn't narrowed anything down for you. She's got Twitter...
Steven Baxter
31 October 2011
Not calming down
Steven Baxter
26 October 2011
Football has come a long way since the days when Paul Canoville was booed by his own fans when he came on for Chelsea...
UK Politics
25 October 2011
At a time when many people can't find jobs, many others are struggling to pay the bills, and many more are slipping...