Spencer Neal is a reformed publisher who now advises on media and stakeholder relations at Keeble Brown. He writes about the ironies and hypocrisies that crop up in other peoples' businesses. He is also an optimist.

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24 September 2013
Prepare to be wrong about Sky. When BSkyB shares dipped recently there was more than a little cheer among certain...
Business blog
16 July 2013
Just look at the latest circulation figures for the UK’s "unrivalled" stable of national newspapers....
Business blog
15 July 2013
I was discussing the implications of the British Government’s recent spending review for housing associations...
Business blog
17 June 2013
It is fashionable, these days, to refer to the state as a commissioner of services rather than a provider. From health...
23 May 2007
What exactly is the point of the world-wide-web? Coming up with an answer is akin to defining "zeitgeist". Which brings...