25 April 2013
A rare interview.
03 January 2013
India's patriarchal mindset.
18 July 2011
Last Man in Tower Aravind AdigaAtlantic Books, 421pp, £17.99The Beautiful and the Damned: Life in the New India...
04 July 2011
Twirlymen: the Unlikely History of Cricket's Greatest Spin Bowlers Amol RajanYellow Jersey Press, 400pp, £16.99Chinaman...
23 July 2010
The narrator of Bret Easton Ellis's Lunar Park, his 2005 tale of supernatural, Gothic horror, is called Bret Easton...
28 June 2010
English is the medium of instruction at my eight-year-old daughter's school in Mumbai. She is also taught French. She...
World Affairs
11 December 2008
The scene resembled a city at night, observed from a plane as it comes in to land: a map of winking lights, in tight...
International Politics
04 December 2008
In the summer of 2005, I moved with my family to live and work in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra State. I came...
28 March 2005
The idea of Indianness has never been quite as amorphous and contradiction-ridden as it is in the first decade of the...