Sophie McBain is an assistant editor at the New Statesman. She is on Twitter as @SEMcBain.

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World Affairs
09 September 2013
Will Syria be "another Iraq"?
Business blog
22 August 2013
Women in senior management are being paid bonuses that are only half those of men in identical positions, a survey by...
Business blog
12 August 2013
Yet another domestic violence scandal has emerged in the upper realms of society. Yesterday the Evening Standard...
Business blog
26 July 2013
Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Ulrika Jonsson, Nigella Lawson — these women may be quite different, but they share...
Business blog
22 July 2013
A report by the Human Rights Foundation has estimated that Jennifer Lopez has earned £6.6 m singing for some of...
Business blog
13 June 2013
A committee of MPs have said that Google should face a comprehensive inquiry into its tax affairs, calling the internet...
Business blog
22 May 2013
Remember when Apple was as fresh, green and wholesome as the fruit it’s named after? I don’t really either...
Business blog
23 April 2013
When private bankers think of China they might see millions and millions of smiling Mao Zedongs — in green and...
Business blog
22 April 2013
There are a record-breaking number of women on this year’s Sunday Times Rich List with 118 women making the cut,...
Business blog
28 March 2013
An unacceptable infringement of freedom.
06 March 2013
Intervention is extremely complicated.
Business blog
26 February 2013
It's not just Westminster.
23 February 2013
It's easier for a millionaire to disappear than anyone else.
Business blog
15 February 2013
Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann have teamed up to buy Heinz for $...