Sophie McBain is an assistant editor at the New Statesman. She is on Twitter as @SEMcBain.

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World View
24 February 2014
Virtually impossible to be openly gay in Uganda.
World View
21 February 2014
Nazerbayev doesn't want to rule a "stan" any more.
19 February 2014
Is there a thread that links the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie to the pop impresario Simon Cowell, that binds the...
World View
17 February 2014
Sporting events are dangerous for construction workers.
14 February 2014
Practical concerns.
World Affairs
29 January 2014
A $129m problem.
28 January 2014
Women let down by society.
23 January 2014
Global inequality in numbers.
23 January 2014
Focus first on wealth: O’Neill argues that, in countries with the right conditions, the will to develop is the...
International Politics
22 January 2014
Ambitious and dogged.
Middle East
21 January 2014
Crimes against humanity.