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25 July 2011
Who would be a Murdoch? The name was once synonymous with power: a few weeks ago Rupert et al could not be referred to...
World Affairs
21 July 2011
Arundhati Roy
The Staggers
09 July 2011
vs the tabloids
The Staggers
09 July 2011
Later today, Rupert Murdoch will arrive in London to try and curb the crisis engulfing News International. So far there...
Music and Performance
07 July 2011
I wonder if, as a child, Beyoncé Knowles knew what she was going to be when she grew up. You can imagine her plotting...
UK Politics
07 July 2011
Why did you become a doctor?There were never any doctors in my family. But my grandparents and my mother had a strong...
The Staggers
06 July 2011
On Murdoch
04 July 2011
Tennis is not what it was. Now it's all about branding and the annual disappointment of Andy Murray. (Oh, Murray. What'...
01 July 2011
The NS meets newspaper owner Evgeny Lebedev.
Food and Drink
27 June 2011
When did eating become so complicated? I have only to flick through a Sunday supplement to feel the inexorable rise of...
International Politics
23 June 2011
Let's get to the point. Are there any lesbian bloggers out there who aren't straight, middle-aged, American men? (Short...
22 June 2011
Betteshanger was the last of Kent's four main coalfields to close. On 26 August 1989, the pit drew its last coal - the...
09 June 2011
Ah, Cheryl. Our Cheryl. By now, depending on your level of interest in transatlantic showbiz stories, you will either...
02 June 2011
"We are the champions, my friends," bellowed Freddie Mercury. "No time for losers." And that, in...
26 May 2011
Your name is now trademarked. Does it feel odd to turn your identity into a brand?Not really, because you wouldn't be...