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08 December 2011
For us lapsed Christians, Advent has a certain poignancy. The believers are gearing up, counting the days, mulling the...
05 December 2011
You describe yourself as being "irresistibly attracted to myths". Has that always been the case?It started...
Cultural Capital
02 December 2011
Siddhartha Mukherjee's "biography" of cancer, The Emperor of All Maladies, has won the Guardian First Book...
01 December 2011
This might seem a bit rich coming from someone who writes a column about words every week, but really, the Oxford...
28 November 2011
They arrive on bookshop tables with comforting regularity: Blink, Nudge, Sway, The Wisdom of Crowds, The Black Swan....
24 November 2011
Some acronyms have a life of their own. Often they're the ones that you can say as a word, rather than a series of...
17 November 2011
Never have a man and a pub been so perfectly aligned. Michael Morpurgo arrives with his wife, Clare, at the Duke of...
14 November 2011
What are your fears for the NHS right now?Two things: the NHS reforms and the role of general practice within these...
14 November 2011
There are book prizes and there are book prizes. After a while, they blur into one. Last month, we had the Man Booker,...
10 November 2011
10 November 2011
Your films are experimental, yet you live in Hollywood. How does that work?If I had moved there when I was younger, it...
10 November 2011
Schools aren't what they used to be. At the Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, south London, there's a glass-fronted,...
07 November 2011
Blue Nights Joan DidionFourth Estate, 188pp, £14.99There are passages in Joan Didion's memoir Blue Nights which consist...
31 October 2011
Call me a killjoy, but I loathe Hallowe'en. What's it for? Are we celebrating, or remembering? Or just trying to find a...
UK Politics
26 October 2011
Martin McGuinness