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01 October 2009
Most worries, I think, can be boiled down to worrying about dying. What to have for lunch? A prawn sandwich? What if I'...
World Affairs
01 October 2009
The yogi man
The Staggers
29 September 2009
You know something's up when the name of the newspaper starts with "Sunny".As in, Sunny Fuerteventura. What...
24 September 2009
Fiona Shaw
24 September 2009
France can hardly believe its luck. The silver fox, the poet-politician, is in the dock. Dominique de Villepin, the...
The Staggers
23 September 2009
Never let it be said that this blog does not charge headlong into the domains of current affairs/global politics/...
The Staggers
18 September 2009
It's quite exciting really, to think that newspapers in other countries publish articles about stupid things we do. It'...
The Staggers
17 September 2009
To TURKEY! In honour of the world's tallest man, who has apparently come here looking for love, God help him.So I...
The Staggers
15 September 2009
Just in case you were getting excited, the only link between this post and the late, loved Patrick Swayze is Houston (...
The Staggers
11 September 2009
I feel like we've been waiting for this for a lifetime. Rather like the Second Coming, or Godot. But this one's defied...
The Staggers
10 September 2009
This story is a classic. Thank you, Greenville News. A local Greenville councilman, Tony Trout (TONY TROUT!), is done...
The Staggers
07 September 2009
First up, pun action.Van-cy a trip? Van-tastic voyage. Just TWO of the excellent puns to be found in this story from...
The Staggers
02 September 2009
"Protective army for diamond-studded bathing suit".It just contains so many elements, doesn't it? A bathing...
The Staggers
01 September 2009
This is an excellent one from Pravda. It is fast becoming my favourite Russian newspaper. Why? I'll tell you why.a) It...
Cultural Capital
31 August 2009
The Edinburgh Comedy Awards (once the Perriers, then the If.Comedy Awards, now -- sponsor-less -- the Eddies) were...