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13 December 2012
Try the High Line.
01 November 2012
Sophie Elmhirst has coffee with the last tycoon.
The Staggers
18 October 2012
Ai Weiwei agreed to guest edit the New Statesman in April this year. We had sent the invitation to him six months...
11 October 2012
The NS Profile.
04 October 2012
The word that launched a thousand televised speeches. A doleful mash-up passes in front of my eyes: Bill Clinton, Nick...
03 October 2012
Winner of the Costa and Booker prizes.
20 September 2012
It lends itself to headlines, I suppose: “Ebacc to the future”, and so on. But there is nothing very...
TV and Radio
13 September 2012
So I presume I’m catching the mood, finger on the proverbial pulse, down with every kid, when I say that I have...
13 September 2012
You know you’re skirting pretty close to the heat when the touts are only offering to buy. Their shouts, outside...
30 August 2012
The NS poetry special.
North America
23 August 2012
Will this portmanteau catch on?
08 August 2012
This year's Olympic success is doubtless going to taunt us.
08 August 2012
Aged seven, growing up in Idaho, Marilynne Robinson was in thrall to her elder brother, David. He drew, so she drew,...