Sonia Sodha is head of policy and strategy at the Social Research Unit and a former senior policy adviser to Ed Miliband. She tweets @soniasodha.

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26 June 2013
George Osborne today set out the grim departmental spending settlement for 2015-16: the year after the next general...
The Staggers
30 May 2013
The bland lexicon of public service reform – targets, choice, contestability – certainly doesn’t feel...
The Staggers
19 March 2013
Though it may seem hard to remember a time before 'the crisis of living standards' tripped off the tongues of...
The Staggers
09 January 2013
Today the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, set out the coalition’s latest payment-by-results (PBR) scheme....
The Staggers
05 November 2012
Reward living wage employers.
UK Politics
25 September 2012
Responsible capitalism.
16 April 2010
"Education, education, education" was how Tony Blair set out Labour's election priorities in 1997. Things...