Simon Heffer is a journalist, author and political commentator, who has worked for long stretches at the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. He has written biographies of Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Enoch Powell, and reviews and writes on politics for the New Statesman

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14 June 1999
After watching the India-Pakistan grudge match on Tuesday, it became quite clear to me what steps the England and Wales...
07 June 1999
In recent days I have had a fantasy about the World Cup which, thanks to England's defeat by India and Zimbabwe's...
31 May 1999
I am not, to be honest with you, entirely sure I'm the right man to be writing this column. I love cricket but, from...
03 May 1999
One senior member of the shadow government was confident he had worked out the root of the recent brainstorm in the...
19 March 1999
William Hague's decree of tolerance towards those of his MPs who wish the country would join the euro - nothing new in...
18 December 1998
By this stage you will have been sickened by the endless pretentious articles, in every colour supplement and magazine...
11 December 1998
Before we come on to the question of how William Hague best goes about trying to improve his disastrous leadership of...
13 November 1998
Before modernisation caught up with the Palace of Westminster there were some old-fashioned shower cubicles near the...