Simon Heffer is a journalist, author and political commentator, who has worked for long stretches at the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. He has written biographies of Thomas Carlyle, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Enoch Powell, and reviews and writes on politics for the New Statesman

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14 March 2013
Phoneme baloney.
31 January 2013
Sorry! The English and Their Manners Henry Hitchings John Murray, 400pp, £19.99 Perhaps it is as part of a...
15 November 2012
Destiny in the Desert: the Road to El Alamein – the Battle that Turned the Tide Jonathan Dimbleby Profile...
13 September 2012
Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris...
05 December 2011
Spot the dictatorThe ambition of part of a lifetime was attained when I read last week's New Statesman and saw that I...
UK Politics
26 February 2010
Cameron's gospel
UK Politics
18 September 2008
The 7,006th best-selling book on Amazon as I write this review is Dylan Jones's set of "conversations with David...
23 July 2001
The careerist wing of the Conservative Party, which for the past few weeks made itself indiscernible from the camp...
16 July 2001
The first round of the Tory leadership contest seemed to sum it all up: they can't even organise one of those. I write...
18 June 2001
Brace yourselves, for we are about to see the Conservative Party at its most disgusting. There will be no aspect of...
09 April 2001
There were two reasons why some in the Tory party were dismayed by the postponement of the general election. The first...
05 March 2001
My faint memories of the 1967 foot-and-mouth outbreak are monochrome, but digitally enhanced by the events of recent...
29 January 2001
For a party used to splashing out to the point of extravagance when it comes to elections, the Tories have long feared...
25 December 2000
For all the glories of the English musical renaissance ushered in by Parry and Elgar a little more than a century ago,...