Simon Chouffot is a spokesperson for the Robin Hood Tax campaign and writes on the role of the financial sector in our society.

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Economics blog
14 October 2013
£.3bn paid out in Corporation Tax contributions last year - and £14bn in staff bonuses.
Business blog
24 January 2013
Will we follow course?
The Staggers
29 September 2012
Fifteen years ago the computer program Deep Blue made headlines around the world by beating chess giant Garry Kasparov...
The Staggers
19 November 2011
George Osborne ripped back his well maintained veneer of ambivalence towards the Robin Hood Tax this week, revealing...
The Staggers
04 November 2011
The carpet in the press room of this year's G20 is a lurid shade of fluorescent green, designed perhaps to make up for...
The Staggers
02 November 2011
Promotional posters lining the streets around this year's G20 summit on the French Riviera carry the message: "L'...
The Staggers
07 June 2011
Talk to a banker about financial sector taxes and they'll have to call you back from their Blackberry en-route to the...