16 May 2012
Senegal's presidential election.
02 February 2012
There are two ways to drive inland from Freetown. The first is to go through the eastern, poorer quarters of the...
25 June 2009
Reviewing an instalment of McSweeney’s is a potentially hazardous undertaking. When the San Francisco-based literary...
World Affairs
25 June 2009
An artists' retreat
Human Rights
11 June 2009
At the gambling table
16 April 2009
Toby Litt’s latest work of fiction seems initially to be an attempt to prove that a single clever idea is a sufficient...
19 February 2009
Butler-narrators make fluent apologists for unsavoury political systems. In Kazuo Ishiguro's The Remains of the Day Mr...
12 February 2009
The road to Sognefjellet seemed to go on for ever. Even though we had camped halfway up, on an alpine meadow with broad...
05 February 2009
Dead, ambiguously sexed boy-poets tend to attract latter-day female literary admirers. Seven years ago, Fiona MacCarthy...
29 January 2009
In Heliopolis, the follow-up to his Somerset Maugham award-winning debut The Amnesia Clinic, James Scudamore has...
International Politics
05 November 2008
They began dancing in the streets in Harlem just before midnight. A middle-aged lady in a flowing turquoise dress...
International Politics
30 October 2008
It is lunchtime in Petersburg and Alice McAlexander and David Nibert are on the prowl. The two Obama campaign staffers...
International Politics
12 September 2008
McCain spoke first but they had not come for him. Sitting in the moonlight on the broad steps of Columbia University's...
World Affairs
04 September 2008
"Does the government get up you in England?" Michael Ward, a software engineer with a goatee and a closet full of...
21 August 2008
From the moment that Rhoda Gradwyn appears in the blurb on the dust jacket of P D James's new novel, discussing the...