Cultural Capital
19 December 2014
Revolution, invasion and exile.
11 November 2010
Porn and morals
12 July 2010
The new struggle
Human Rights
19 November 2009
Uganda's war on gays
25 June 2009
Death of a dream
11 June 2009
Falling off my horse
World Affairs
23 April 2009
On 3 January 2009, the MP George Galloway spoke in Trafalgar Square. “Brothers and sisters,” he began. “Comrades and...
UK Politics
26 March 2009
I thought I would write a column about national identity cards in the context of civil liberties, inefficiency and cost...
International Politics
05 February 2009
I remember St Petersburg in 1991. There were people sitting on the pavement, feet wrapped in rags, selling dismal...
International Politics
15 January 2009
How to handle the legacy of torture handed down by the Bush administration will be one of the most important tasks of...
16 October 2008
On the morning of Friday 10 October, as even the mainstream US media were speculating about the possibility of the end...
North America
09 October 2008
It’s about 9.30 in the morning as I write this. One child is off sick, seemingly with tonsillitis, another is off...