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12 September 2011
After weeks of riots, demonstrations and bloody counterattacks, the dictator at last stood down. His promised reforms...
09 June 2011
Hero: the Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia Michael KordaJR Books, 784pp, £25If, for most people, the name Lawrence...
The Staggers
27 February 2011
After just under 18 months, this will be my last post on The Staggers, in a series that began as the "God Blog...
The Staggers
20 February 2011
Reading last week about the deceptions perpetrated by the Iraqi defector "Curveball" – it was on his...
The Staggers
18 February 2011
If ever there was an instance of a country being so hideously embarrassed about its past, and about one aspect that...
The Staggers
15 February 2011
As today is the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, it seems a propitious time to bring to your attention a new book, Jesus...
The Staggers
11 February 2011
It had only just been announced, but a "God App" that some hoped would allow Catholics to confess their sins...
The Staggers
08 February 2011
God trouble
The Staggers
04 February 2011
The Obama plan
The Staggers
30 January 2011
Key questions
The Staggers
28 January 2011
On a recent post, one commenter asked why I bothered writing about the "piffling matter" of the Quran-hating...
The Staggers
23 January 2011
Tomorrow the Exploring Islam Foundation (EIF), which organised the "Inspired by Muhammad" poster campaign...
The Staggers
20 January 2011
So Pastor Terry Jones, the American preacher infamous for his aborted "Burn a Quran Day" prior to the last...
The Staggers
16 January 2011
Having fled from the country he ruled for 23 years, ex-president Zine el-Abidin Ben Ali has landed in the Red Sea city...