Shazia Mirza is an award-winning stand up comedian. In 2003 she was named by The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy. Since 2006 she has written a fortnightly column for the New Statesman, for which she won Columnist of the Year at the PPA Awards.

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23 July 2009
11 June 2009
I may as well go back to where I came from. Which I’d say is Birmingham, but the BNP says is Rawalpindi. The BNP doesn’...
28 May 2009
I spent four hours driving up the motorway on Saturday night to do a show in Stockton-on-Tees. I was quite excited; I’d...
14 May 2009
My parents have always been slightly absurd. But now they have taken that absurdity to a whole new level. With old age...
30 April 2009
Recessions are the time when people have the most fun. A few days ago I got a call from a big TV company asking me if I...
16 April 2009
I was walking into a 24-hour grocer’s in Crouch End on Saturday night, when I heard a gang of teenage girls running...
02 April 2009
Backstage at The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, I didn’t get to meet Barack Obama properly. He was standing too far away...
19 March 2009
I’m looking out of my apartment window and I can see the “Hollywood” sign embedded in the Hollywood Hills. It’s a...
05 March 2009
It would take Armageddon to give my mum an incentive to leave the house. She no longer seems to feel it’s necessary to...
12 February 2009
Some people get ridiculously excited. On snow morning, someone sent me a picture of their car covered in snow. I can...
29 January 2009
People are so excited about Obama becoming president that they’ve started naming things after him, like a school and a...
15 January 2009
I had a call over Christmas from David Cohen, a journalist for the London Evening Standard. “Hi, do you remember me? I...
18 December 2008
Nobody does recession like the Americans. Every street corner in New York has neon lights shouting, “Recession Special...
04 December 2008
I’m in New York to do some appearances at the Zipper Theatre as part of an all-female show called Offensive Women. It...
20 November 2008
I’m in Pakistan, invited by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in Lahore as part of its 25th festival of performing arts....