26 July 2012
Sarah Sands insists no other city can compete with the capital.
14 May 2009
As a prelude to its relaunch, the Evening Standard cleared the air with an apology for taking London for granted....
26 March 2007
At the completion of the magnificent American embassy in the Pariser Platz Berlin last year, the ambassador made a...
20 November 2006
The issue of women in business has been down-graded recently in favour of the more urgent and fashionable cause of the...
02 October 2006
It was in late August that David Cameron telephoned the American Republican senator John McCain and invited him to be...
03 July 2006
Gordon Brown talks of getting Africa on its feet, David Cameron puts a jar of fair-trade coffee in his office. Tony...
26 June 2006
Earlier this year I exchanged a quietly spoken driver and a silent BMW for a bicycle. (Look on my status, ye mighty,...
15 May 2006
Julia Hobsbawm is, by instinct and professional self- interest, a peacemaker. She sits comfortably in a world of forums...