Sadiq Khan is MP for Tooting, shadow justice secretary and shadow minister for London.

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18 October 2014
Why I joined the TUC march today.
The Staggers
27 August 2014
Motor Neurone Disease merits its moment in the spotlight.
The Staggers
04 July 2014
The Tories don't understand the "difference between public services and businesses."
The Staggers
02 July 2014
A culture change is needed.
12 June 2014
The organisers were the heroes.
The Staggers
10 June 2014
Inequality is the single biggest threat to our economy and our society.
The Staggers
17 May 2014
A route back into the national conversation.
The Staggers
11 April 2014
I'm running for those Londoners being denied the chance to share in our city’s successes.
The Staggers
27 March 2014
"We will strive to turn prisons into engines of work, education and training."
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12 March 2014
Stopping a race to the bottom.
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30 October 2013
Every evening the British public settle down in front of their televisions, tuning into dramas and films set in courts...
The Staggers
14 October 2013
A new report released today shows that the government and Mayor are turning London into a divided and segregated city....
The Staggers
01 October 2013
Yesterday’s speeches by Chris Grayling and Theresa May at the Conservative Party conference were like a game of...