Ryan Shorthouse is the Director of Bright Blue, a think tank for liberal conservativism 

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The Staggers
14 August 2014
Students need richer data.
The Staggers
28 March 2014
The party is giving more power and responsibility to individuals.
05 December 2013
Come on, George. Be bold. Today, the Chancellor needs to throw caution to the wind and announce bold policies that...
The Staggers
02 September 2013
Alongside tackling the deficit, the government‘s priority is now tackling another major economic problem: the...
The Staggers
17 March 2013
Give them real Conservatism. Raw right-wing meat. Lower taxes on our wealth creators, cut the NHS, bemoan Europe. Throw...
Business blog
07 August 2012
But what are they?
The Staggers
26 May 2012
This week, the Deputy Prime Minister unveiled indicators the government will be using to measure the extent of social...
The Staggers
13 April 2012
Since the Budget, the Conservatives have suffered from a few bad headlines and a drop in the polls. Ukip have enjoyed a...
The Staggers
15 March 2012
Nearly two years into the coalition, both of the governing parties are promoting their distinct identities to garner...
The Staggers
23 September 2011
In Birmingham, Liberal Democrat MPs and senior advisers were nodding to journalists that legalising same-sex marriages...
The Staggers
25 March 2011
George Osborne is right that businesses should be freed from the shackles of high tax and unnecessary regulation so...