13 February 2014
A response to Glosswitch's piece about how she experiences gender as a trap.
08 March 2012
I would like to see government agencies, including the police, obliged to take seriously the things women say about who...
18 February 2002
How terrible to fall alive into the benevolent hands of those who would make of you a parable, an example or an...
Food and Drink
17 December 2001
Elizabeth Young and I argued about books for three decades. Liz whispered chunks of her reviews to me down the phone in...
Food and Drink
19 February 2001
Intense pain cuts you away from your self a slice at a time; you think in fragments, and fragments are what you become...
24 July 2000
In the early 1970s, Christopher Isherwood, at the age of 40, attempted to reconstruct his life in postwar Hollywood. It...
06 December 1999
Stephen King is, in a way, the Bill Clinton of popular literature. You want to kick him, hard, for all the things he...
29 November 1999
It is generally the fate of musicians, actors and painters to have their lives written about rather than sung,...
Food and Drink
20 September 1999
Mike Davis is a great polemicist, who is sometimes unfair and sometimes, it is claimed, inaccurate in small things, but...
04 December 1998
There is no heaven or hell; there are, however, biographers . . . If we live after our deaths, it is as mimed selves in...