Rowenna Davis is Labour PPC for Southampton Itchen and a councillor for Peckham

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The Staggers
01 December 2011
Ernest Nkrumah opens the door of his tiny flat with a blue tooth chip clipped to his chin, and a loud African shirt....
The Staggers
29 November 2011
The dark side
The Staggers
27 November 2011
Boris Johnson with Met police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe in September, outside Scotland YardSource: Getty ImagesA...
The Staggers
23 November 2011
Next time you're on the Tube take a look around you. If you think that it's increasingly full of white, business class...
The Staggers
13 November 2011
Family matters
The Staggers
06 November 2011
The queue for my last council surgery stretched around the hall. I sighed at the sight. Not because I mind hard work,...
The Staggers
03 November 2011
Next week, George Osborne will address the National Business Awards. Over a thousand commercial leaders -- described by...
The Staggers
23 October 2011
Read my Observer article today, and you'd think that a bunch of celebrities are leading the fight to save Cromer crabs...
The Staggers
16 October 2011
How seriously does Ed Miliband take grassroots politics? A leaked email from a longstanding member of his own...
The Staggers
29 September 2011
There are three reasons why Ed Miliband's speech could have been considered "Blue Labour", leaving aside the...
15 December 2010
Photograph by local photographer James Swan, who is based in Rookhope. For more examples of his work visit www....
The Staggers
09 September 2010
Women's hustings
UK Politics
29 May 2010
What went wrong?
18 February 2010
Parliamentary interns
UK Politics
07 August 2008
Clara Osagiede bursts into the room flapping a piece of paper, her dark eyes flashing. "We're basically being paid the...