Roger Scruton is a philosopher and countryside campaigner as well as an author and broadcaster. Widely regarded as one of Britain’s leading right wing thinkers, his publications include the Meaning of Conservatism. He has also written on fox hunting.

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23 September 2013
What makes us human?
Food and Drink
27 August 2009
Spanish red wine is virtually synonymous with the Tempranillo grape, which imparts its bright colour and cherry taste...
Food and Drink
30 July 2009
All over Britain, in town and village, in the suburbs and in the countryside, you will come across public houses, some...
Food and Drink
16 July 2009
I began this column eight years ago with an article in praise of white Burgundy. Now, nearing the end of my tenure, I...
Food and Drink
02 July 2009
Often, at the end of a summer’s day, I turn to the Quran, not to hide, like the Islamic scholar Sayyid Qutb, in its...
Food and Drink
18 June 2009
Good wine is a labour-intensive product, and the labour in question is highly skilled and ever more informed by...
Food and Drink
04 June 2009
Midsummer is an anxious time in Scrutopia – the time when the hay is ready but the weather not, when the livestock is...
Food and Drink
29 May 2009
The only observable respect in which our country has changed for the better since my youth is in the presence of wine...
Food and Drink
28 May 2009
Although the Book of Genesis does not say so, the fruit of the tree of knowledge is generally assumed to have been an...
Food and Drink
30 April 2009
Marsannay-la-Côte is the northernmost village of the Côte d’Or, situated on the Côte de Nuits just south of Dijon, some...
Food and Drink
16 April 2009
Nicolae Ceausescu, president of communist Romania, was obsessed by traditional forms of life, and determined to destroy...
Food and Drink
09 April 2009
The so-called “collapse of the pound” – by which is meant the pound’s return to earth after a period in fairyland – has...
Food and Drink
26 March 2009
The Greeks called the Italian peninsula Oenotria, the place of wine, by way of acknowledging its real meaning as a wine...
Food and Drink
05 March 2009
After seven years of writing this column, it seemed only reasonable to put my thoughts about wine between hard covers....
Food and Drink
12 February 2009
This year the February wine club has not been branded with the name of St Valentine. After a careful survey of our...