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Cultural Capital
04 February 2014
An in-depth interview with Adam Curtis.
Cultural Capital
13 July 2013
Rob Pollard interviews Brooklyn band Woods
Cultural Capital
22 May 2013
The Mercury Music Prizewinners talk to Rob Pollard.
Cultural Capital
08 April 2013
"We need a Chavez"
Economics blog
03 April 2013
"I think the place is overdue some recognition beyond street crime statistics."
Cultural Capital
04 March 2013
Johnny Marr was one half of the most influential British songwriting partnership of all time. In May 1982, inspired by...
Cultural Capital
07 February 2013
"The riots were kind of inevitable… if you’ve grown up to 16 with absolutely no opportunities"
Cultural Capital
10 January 2013
The singer unburdened himself in a recent interview with Loaded.
Cultural Capital
14 December 2012
The former Smiths frontman doesn't like the Royals.
Cultural Capital
06 December 2012
Rob Pollard interviews Yeasayer's Chris Keating.
Cultural Capital
04 December 2012
"On the end of a pair of duelling pistols."
Cultural Capital
19 November 2012
"There were right-wingers in the arts, with Rod Stewart and Phil Collins and all those Thatcherites."