22 March 2012
Strumpet City is what Dublin was dubbed during British imperial rule because of the huge number of prostitutes who...
UK Politics
03 May 2011
"The only question ye have tae ask yersel', son, is this. Dae ye trust me?" Such was Alex Salmond's final,...
World Affairs
23 February 2011
If all the talk of treason in Dublin were in earnest, there would be nooses dang­ling from the Georgian lamp posts...
09 December 2010
As the economic storm gathered in Ireland, the country's premier, Brian Cowen, exhorted his compatriots to turn their...
28 October 2010
As he softened up the public for his brutal austerity package, George Osborne contrasted the coalition, steering...
The Staggers
16 February 2010
On Jesus
11 January 2010
Celtic Tiger to Celtic Tories would seem an apt way of summing up the story of Ireland in recent times. From poster...
08 January 2009
Boom has turned to bust even more drastically in the Republic of Ireland than in Britain. Not only has the Celtic Tiger...
UK Politics
27 November 2008
On an official visit to New York in October 2007, Scotland’s nationalist First Minister, Alex Salmond, merrily...