Rick Muir is associate director for public service reform at IPPR.

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The Staggers
30 April 2014
Michael Gove has centralised power without any kind of mediating local tier.
UK Politics
20 December 2013
The coalition government, and in particular its Conservative wing, has been described as "Maoist" on public...
25 November 2013
The police service is undergoing tumultuous change and faces huge challenges. Police integrity has been brought into...
UK Politics
19 November 2013
Today’s 'offer' by G4S to reimburse the public purse by £24.1m following revelations of...
The Staggers
28 May 2013
George Osborne announced this morning that seven government departments have already agreed to further spending cuts in...
The Staggers
18 April 2013
Characteristically liberal policies that would be dismissed out of hand by right-wing commentators in Britain, such as...
The Staggers
16 November 2012
I have a confession to make.  I think directly elected police and crime commissioners (PCCs) are a positive step...
The Staggers
22 October 2012
David Cameron has today announced that he is to "put rocket boosters" under the coalition's payment by...
The Staggers
26 August 2012
Amid the outcry over the first ever fall in the numbers getting a C or above at GCSE, it is easy to forget...
The Staggers
07 August 2012
In recent months, we have seen a growing clamour from right-of-centre think-tanks for private companies to be able to...
The Staggers
17 July 2012
The failure of G4S to deliver sufficient security staff to cover Olympic venues has reignited the debate about the role...
The Staggers
04 June 2012
Beyond the politics of confrontation.
The Staggers
20 February 2012
There are no empirical grounds for handing state schools over to the private sector. In recent months we have seen a...
The Staggers
07 October 2011
Dear Stephen and Andy,Since the general election, Labour has played a largely reactive role on public service reform,...
The Staggers
15 June 2011
Following the debacle on health reform, the government is desperate to get its public service reform programme back on...