19 September 2012
What are the Lib Dems for?
01 October 2009
Reforming Tories
11 December 2008
The combination of a dessicated financial system and depressed economy has shattered the rules that have governed...
25 September 2008
Britain Since 1918: the Strange Career of British Democracy, David Marquand, Weidenfeld...
21 August 2008
There is no questioning the audacity of the new Conservative Party. Shadow cabinet ministers have spent the summer...
26 June 2008
David Cameron, plus a sizeable entourage, swept past, drawing the attention of the senior Labour politician (now a...
UK Politics
17 April 2008
So, how bad is it for Gordon Brown? The polls are obviously terrible, with one showing the biggest drop in a prime...
03 April 2008
"A brilliant woman is a plague," lamented Jean-Jacques Rousseau. "A plague to her husband, her children, her friends,...
UK Politics
19 March 2008
The Sex War is over. Girls outperform boys at school and are streaming through higher edu cation. Young women are now...
14 February 2008
Smoking, smacking, snacking and boozing: ours is a naughty nation. Billboard advertisements for St Trinian's, the UK...
Human Rights
08 November 2007
Just weeks after Gordon Brown pledged "British jobs for British workers", figures were released showing that half of...
UK Politics
25 October 2007
It is a place inhabited by "ordinary people with suburban dreams who worked hard to improve their homes and their lives...
19 February 2007
Karl Marx famously predicted that capitalism would produce its own gravediggers. If so, they have been an awfully long...
27 November 2006
Gordon Brown hangs out with a dodgy crowd, bibliographically speaking. After his love-in with Jim Wallis, the pro-life...
25 September 2006
"In contriving any system of government . . . every man ought to be supposed a knave, and to have no other end, in all...