Richard Morris blogs at A View From Ham Common, which was named Best New Blog at the 2011 Lib Dem Conference

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The Staggers
08 November 2011
The first lesson you're taught when you enter the world of branding and advertising is this: say one thing simply,...
The Staggers
05 November 2011
Right now everyone seems to be getting terribly excited about saving capitalism. Which is fair enough, in the face of...
The Staggers
21 October 2011
Rather excitingly, I discovered the price of democracy this week. It was printed in the Financial Times. Apparently, it...
The Staggers
20 September 2011
I asked Nick Clegg yesterday at conference for some shorthand for what we stand for. What is the liberal language we...
The Staggers
19 September 2011
Sunday morning in Birmingham and I find myself in a executive suite 6 with three other bloggers and Nick Clegg.There...
The Staggers
18 September 2011
Being a foot soldier in the Lib Dems right now feels a bit like being your typical adolescent. We're experiencing a...