Richard Morris blogs at A View From Ham Common, which was named Best New Blog at the 2011 Lib Dem Conference

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27 May 2012
As a Liberal, I actively encourage people to demonstrate when they see things they don’t like or approve of. And...
The Staggers
22 May 2012
"Lickspittle". It’s a great word to use as an insult, rolling deliciously off the tongue in all its...
Business blog
21 May 2012
Merchant banks gamble on hunches.
The Staggers
11 May 2012
Seeing as it's only seven short days since the worst set of election results since, well, last year, it’s...
The Staggers
02 May 2012
I love the ceremony of voting. I like the stroll down Lock Road to the polling station, the good natured hello’s...
The Staggers
23 April 2012
Is it any wonder that the public tire of politics, when politicians spend an inordinate amount of time squabbling over...
The Staggers
10 April 2012
OK. I’ve signed the activist’s letter on the "snooping bill". I’ve taken advantage of the...
The Staggers
02 April 2012
What should be giving the Lib Dem leadership pause for thought today is how the grassroots of the party found it all...
The Staggers
23 March 2012
I suspect George Eaton was right when he described the tax transparency proposals outlined in the Budget as a political...
The Staggers
12 March 2012
There appears to be some confusion as to what the Lib Dem members were saying about The Health and Social Care Bill at...
The Staggers
08 March 2012
Have a listen to the opening few seconds of Ed Miliband’s 5 Live interview from earlier this week and you learn...
The Staggers
05 March 2012
Here's a thought to get New Statesman readers' jaws dropping. Last week - by some distance - the most popular...
The Staggers
27 February 2012
Ed Miliband nearly got it right twice last week.First he said the NHS Bill was going to be the Tories' new Poll Tax....
The Staggers
06 February 2012
An awful lot of the Lib Dem grassroots spent last week feeling the pain of the betrayed spouse. And it's nothing to do...
The Staggers
26 January 2012
I'd be the first to admit that it's not the best catch phrase ever invented. It may be the worst. But clear yellow...