Richard Morris blogs at A View From Ham Common, which was named Best New Blog at the 2011 Lib Dem Conference

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05 September 2012
So, now it’s war. As the reshuffle unfolded, my timeline was full of fellow Lib Dems asking "Is Cameron...
The Staggers
14 August 2012
Having spent two weeks glued to the Olympics, I am as anxious as the next Brit that we don’t lose the impetus and...
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07 August 2012
If the dramatic political events of yesterday tell us anything, it’s probably that we were barking up the wrong...
The Staggers
03 August 2012
Will Cameron crack first?
The Staggers
23 July 2012
Oh dear, there’s a bit of a barney going on over here in the Lib Dems. Over the weekend, Vince Cable made some...
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20 July 2012
While many in my party are opposed to free schools in principle, I am reluctant to man the barricades on every occasion...
The Staggers
11 July 2012
Labour’s plan to embarrass Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems over Lords reform has backfired spectacularly. "Why...
The Staggers
05 July 2012
One of the delights of Twitter is that you get to ask the great and the good what the hell they are talking about...
The Staggers
29 June 2012
Why didn't we listen?
The Staggers
26 June 2012
Nick Clegg has sounded the starting gun for the next election campaign.
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21 June 2012
PM needed to take a stand.
Business blog
20 June 2012
Names are funny things. Take for example "Starkiller". It’s not a bad name. It’s pretty...
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08 June 2012
The BBC needs a visionary.
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01 June 2012
Oh no, another cleft stick not of the Lib Dems' making. This time it’s Labour’s call for a vote on the...
The Staggers
30 May 2012
The sixth Lib Dem minister.