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UK Politics
07 February 2014
Being a mere Lib Dem activist, rather than a professional politician, means I actually have friends who don’t...
UK Politics
17 January 2014
Apparently there is wailing and gnashing of teeth going on amongst my Westminster Lib Dem betters over the Damascene...
10 January 2014
So Nick Clegg suggests George Osborne is on the verge of making a monumental mistake, next thing you know Ed Balls is...
UK Politics
19 December 2013
The party's woman problem.
UK Politics
13 December 2013
Voters need to know that Lib Dems are both ideologues and principled.
UK Politics
06 December 2013
" 'Without the Liberal Democrats, there wouldn't be a recovery.' That's Clegg's election line...
29 November 2013
Clegg is wooing anti-Ukip Tories.
19 November 2013
The Staggers reported earlier on Tory MP Nick Boles's call for the revival of the National Liberal Party, which...
15 November 2013
I was spending a pleasant evening last week in front of the box, shouting via the medium of Twitter at the Tories in...
The Staggers
05 November 2013
While the phrase "we’re all in this together" has become rather devalued in political circles of late,...
The Staggers
24 October 2013
ConservativeHome thinks the Lib Dems are going to cave in to the Prime Minister after his rash policy-on-the-hoof...
The Staggers
18 October 2013
They did that themselves.
The Staggers
09 October 2013
Nick Clegg has been on something of a drive to rehabilitate his civil libertarian credentials in recent months after...
The Staggers
04 October 2013
So according to George Eaton (who is my editor, so I’ll be careful what I say here), Labour leads polling on...
The Staggers
26 September 2013
Labour has lurched left.