23 January 2014
Uncomfortable parallels.
UK Politics
23 May 2013
The best in the world?
24 January 2013
World War Two: a Short History Norman Stone Allen Lane, 272pp, £16.99 The more the Second World War recedes...
11 October 2012
History in the Making J H Elliott Yale University Press, 256pp, £17.50 Historians don’t have a...
World Affairs
27 June 2012
A continent's nervous breakdown.
12 March 2012
Hitler: a Short Biography
12 February 2012
As the crisis in the eurozone continues, commentators look to the past for parallels and warnings. Hysterical claims by...
23 January 2012
"Fewer and fewer students want to study the past," complained the Tory MP and historian Chris Skidmore...
World Affairs
24 November 2011
Myth of the Fourth Reich
11 March 2011
As Allied tanks rolled in to Germany towards the end of the Second World War, leading SS officials set up a resistance...
23 August 2010
We still know far too little about the SS. Astonishingly, the most detailed and reliable history, by the German...
12 February 2001
History has suddenly become chic again. After a long period of clogging their books with statistics, histograms and...