23 July 2009
China's new friend
11 September 2008
Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Arch to his friends - must be the only person in the world who could say such touchy things...
29 January 2007
The river, wider than the Thames in London, had been dammed and diverted, leaving the river bed a brown scar across a...
International Politics
17 October 2005
A common experience of people travelling to Africa for the first time is the shock of realising it is nothing like the...
14 March 2005
On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Omdurman in 1998, I asked the British ambassador to Sudan whether...
International Politics
15 December 2003
The political reasons for the near-fatal split in the Commonwealth over Zimbabwe have been widely reported: African...
International Politics
28 April 2003
As the role of the American and British armies in Iraq turns from attack to occupation, deep differences will emerge in...
21 April 2003
At first it was obvious how the war on Iraq would affect Africa: a rise in the oil price, though nice for African...
World Affairs
19 August 2002
Siphiwe Hlophe is so huge that when I came to give her a hug to say goodbye I couldn't get my arms round her. "Well, at...
18 February 2002
To borrow the Duke of Wellington's thought: I am not sure what imperialism may have done to the natives, but by God it...