06 January 2014
The unique homo sapiens.
02 May 2012
There are certainly many things that science has not yet explained, which is one reason a scientific career is so...
29 February 2012
Me and my critics
23 January 2012
In a court of law - say, at a murder trial - a jury is asked to decide, beyond reasonable doubt, whether a person is...
19 December 2011
Very few hard lines.
29 December 2010
Why I love the King James Bible
17 December 2009
On evolution
Global Issues
02 April 2009
Dear Person of FaithBasically, I write as fundraiser for the wonderful new Tony Blair Foundation, whose aim is “...
26 March 2009
The Gerald Durrell Foundation, a charitable foundation set up to conserve endangered species all over the world, is...
13 December 2007
O come, O come, Emmanuel,And ransom captive Israel . . . Advent, we learned at school, was a time of anticipation: of...
TV and Radio
30 January 2006
It's been a week of handling fallout from The Root of All Evil?, my TV documentary about religion. Of course religion...