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The Staggers
01 July 2010
This week, Ed Miliband backed the idea of extending the right to request flexible working to "every worker, not...
The Staggers
30 June 2010
In a speech on education in Bristol today, David Miliband has marked himself out as the one and only Labour leadership...
The Staggers
29 June 2010
Trade unions do not hold the balance of power in the Labour leadership election, as Rachel Sylvester argues in today's...
The Staggers
24 June 2010
Two things in life are inevitable, said Benjamin Franklin, death and taxes. The Conservatives campaigned against "...
The Staggers
16 June 2010
Yesterday I predicted that Newsnight could produce a Gillian Duffy/Sharon Storer/Joe the Plumber moment. I was wrong....
The Staggers
15 June 2010
Tonight's edition of Newsnight is going to include the first live televised hustings of the Labour leadership contest....
The Staggers
08 June 2010
Labour was right to turn down Sky News and refuse to televise yesterday's leadership hustings at the meeting of the...