Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter are co-founders and editors of online magazine, The Vagenda.

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The V Spot
16 July 2012
The new conservatism about sex.
The V Spot
09 July 2012
Bring on the feminist smut.
The V Spot
02 July 2012
How to be married, Grazia-style.
The V Spot
25 June 2012
Feminism used to be about revolution.
The V Spot
11 June 2012
There's nothing sexy about beaten women.
The V Spot
04 June 2012
Only the Queen escapes sexist scrutiny.
The V Spot
28 May 2012
What do women really want?
The V Spot
21 May 2012
The pretend battle of the sexes.
16 May 2012
A “vagenda” is a woman with an agenda or, specifically, a vagina with an agenda. Today’s media are...
The V Spot
14 May 2012
You’re no body if nobody loves you.
08 March 2012
We would like to see publications targeted at women – particularly women's magazines – become more...