Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter are co-founders and editors of online magazine, The Vagenda.

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The V Spot
04 April 2014
Time for a national campaign.
The V Spot
27 March 2014
Spare us the jibes at her “craziness” and his “reticence”.
The V Spot
11 March 2014
Mock the politically innocent at your peril.
The V Spot
04 March 2014
It’s restrictive, it’s insulting and it’s downright weird.
The V Spot
27 February 2014
If you're fed up with Twitter storms, there are a few more practical things you can do.
The V Spot
19 February 2014
It’s no secret that, as far as the housing market goes, the millennial generation have been (and this is the...
11 February 2014
Acceptable female boozing.
The V Spot
04 February 2014
(With apologies to J K Rowling.)
TV and Radio
28 January 2014
We’re crying out for more voices.
16 January 2014
From Valerie Trierweiler to Samantha Cameron.
The V Spot
29 November 2013
Evolutionary psychology is used far too often to underpin existing gender biases.
24 November 2013
The "Queen Kong" is dead.