Rafael Behr is political columnist at the Guardian and former political editor of the New Statesman

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Rafael Behr
23 July 2013
Rafael Behr saves you the trouble of reading them.
The Staggers
21 July 2013
David Cameron doesn’t like being asked if he discussed government plans for plain cigarette packaging with his...
Rafael Behr
07 July 2013
A lone crusader.
Rafael Behr
06 July 2013
One consequence of Labour’s great frothy row over trade union influence is that yesterday’s parliamentary...
The Staggers
05 July 2013
Ed Miliband is at a fork in the road. Plainly he cannot go back, by which I mean he cannot pretend that there is...
The Staggers
04 July 2013
The resignation of Tom Watson from the shadow cabinet substantially changes the complexion of the row over internal...
The Staggers
01 July 2013
In increments the Liberal Democrat position on an EU referendum is shifting towards full-blown commitment. Nick Clegg...
Rafael Behr
26 June 2013
Assumes voters want welfare cuts.