Rafael Behr is political columnist at the Guardian and former political editor of the New Statesman

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UK Politics
19 September 2013
Can she avoid being “ripped apart”?
UK Politics
11 September 2013
Wants a renewal of coalition vows.
Rafael Behr
07 September 2013
The paradox of thrift, political inequality and the difficulties of conference season.
UK Politics
30 August 2013
Rafael Behr sets out the dividing lines on education.
The Staggers
14 August 2013
On the bright side – or is that sunny side up? – there won’t be any more complaints about Labour...
UK Politics
03 August 2013
Ed Miliband has plenty to ponder over the summer. Labour is ahead in the opinion polls but not by enough to instil...
The Staggers
31 July 2013
Where's the fighting spirit?
The Staggers
30 July 2013
Surely Cameron's modernising senses detect the toxic smell.
The Staggers
25 July 2013
The scene: 10 Downing Street. The Prime Minister is seated at a desk. Enter a stout Australian man. David Cameron: Ah...