Rafael Behr is political columnist at the Guardian and former political editor of the New Statesman

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UK Politics
06 January 2014
There was a period towards the end of 2013, when the Opposition controlled the terms of economic debate. The question...
UK Politics
23 December 2013
The shadows of Thatcher and Blair.
18 December 2013
Even people who are obsessed with politics often find their eyes glazing over when the conversation turns to the detail...
17 December 2013
The best part of a year has passed since David Cameron’s speech promising to renegotiate the terms of Britain...
12 December 2013
László Andor on employment.
11 December 2013
Mr Labour’s big heart may not help him.
28 November 2013
The debate around next week’s Autumn Statement is predictable. George Osborne will declare that the economy is...
27 November 2013
Blue-collar Conservatism.
26 November 2013
The Chancellor's ideological plasticity.
UK Politics
20 November 2013
Milibandism explored.
Rafael Behr
13 November 2013
How should Labour respond?