Music and Performance
01 November 2012
In 2008, the Lithuanian director Rimas Tuminas received a backstage visit from Vladimir Putin. The play was a 19th-...
International Politics
29 August 2012
He refused to go quietly.
01 June 2011
Mikhail Gorbachev
Music and Performance
16 May 2005
Without doubt, Ruprecht has crawled out of the murkier end of the gene pool. One of the least attractive characters in...
09 May 2005
The defiantly Dionysiac qualities of Shakespeare's Falstaff would make him a nightmare figure for any modern politician...
Human Rights
25 April 2005
A militant Buddhist might sound like a comic contradiction in terms, but not in Sri Lanka. The island's small...
11 April 2005
In 1937, Orson Welles presented Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as a terrifying vision of the consequences of fascist rule...
28 March 2005
If you are worried by sex on the internet (see Richard Reeves, page 30, and Johann Hari in NS, 7 March), maybe you...
Music and Performance
14 March 2005
Jane Birkin - Sixties sex symbol, chanteuse, actress and, latterly, French icon - confesses early in my interview with...
28 February 2005
The UK's clubbing scene has a new drug. More addictive than crack cocaine or heroin, crystal meth creates a high that...
17 January 2005
Simon McBurney has one of the most well-travelled imaginations in British theatre. In recent years, he has contemplated...
13 December 2004
Philip Pullman, author of the trilogy His Dark Materials, is accustomed to upsetting hardline Christians. In an...
08 November 2004
These days, it is almost impossible to venture into theatreland without being deafened by the sound of taboos being...
05 March 2001
The women are strikingly different: the bitch in a black cocktail dress with a wild survivor's glint in her eye; the...