03 August 2013
The mirror and the self.
31 October 2012
The anorexic statement.
26 September 2005
In her excellent book Torn In Two: the experience of maternal ambivalence, Rozsika Parker identifies what she calls the...
23 August 2004
Not long ago, in one of those newspaper round-ups of summer reading, I came upon some literary recommendations for the...
16 February 2004
Simon Armitage's novel raises two questions. The first is: have women lost their credibility in marriage, motherhood...
08 September 2003
Jim Crace's eighth novel is a study of sex, and hence requires from its author a great willingness to generalise. "Her...
07 July 2003
''This must be it," said Tristan. "This is Desolate." Ahead, the mud track converged with the trees into a depthless...
17 February 2003
One of the few virtues attributable to that 21st-century staple of parenthood, the pregnancy manual, is the utterance...
29 April 2002
I have always taken a pleasure in Carol Shields's novels that was slightly indistinct. Perhaps it was her composure -...
07 May 2001
I will not beat about the bush: Joan Smith has written a book in which she says that the world may be overrun with evil...
12 March 2001
I was reading Paranoid Parenting in a train station cafe. The woman at the next table was ringing each of her four...
08 May 2000
Even when writing of corruption, death and decay, Michael Ondaatje's prose is the very opposite of unsavoury. "He...