Rachel Cooke trained as a reporter on The Sunday Times. She is now a writer at The Observer. In the 2006 British Press Awards, she was named Interviewer of the Year.

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06 June 2012
Wincing and blubbing through the TV coverage.
30 May 2012
Afghanistan: the Great Game: BBC2 It was Kipling who first pushed the phrase “the Great Game” into the...
16 May 2012
For a while now, Sky has been going after female viewers – for whom football and blockbuster movies are perhaps...
03 May 2012
  By the time you read this, the BBC will have been broadcasting Breakfast from Salford for a month. How...
26 April 2012
Just as I was beginning to wonder why Channel 4 still exists – the only thing I watch on it regularly at the...
18 April 2012
  I’m all in favour of expertise on TV: better a historian than a newsreader, a scientist than some...
04 April 2012
  Ways of Seeing: John Berger on the Small Screen BFI Southbank, London SE1   Television...
TV and Radio
29 March 2012
When I was 17, I starred - I use the word loosely - in a school production of Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector...
TV and Radio
26 March 2012
Rachel Cooke is unsettled by a documentary on internet abuse. The Anti-Social Network BBC3 Why was Richard Bacon...
TV and Radio
22 March 2012
Rachel Cooke finds that a new drama is just too neat and tidy. While I'd like to see an awful lot more television...
TV and Radio
12 March 2012
Rachel Cooke thinks she’s seen this coming-of-age drama before. I wanted to love White Heat, Paula Milne's...
05 March 2012
EmpireBBC1I've never met Jeremy Paxman but I do have a theory about him. My guess is that he's shy. Seriously. Why do I...
TV and Radio
25 February 2012
The new Showtime series Homeland (Sundays, 9.30pm), for which some of us have been waiting for ages, is really rather...
TV and Radio
20 February 2012
Call the Midwife/A Dad is BornBBC2I don't even remotely understand the appeal of Call The Midwife (BBC2, Sundays, 8pm...
TV and Radio
12 February 2012
I intended this column to be a review of The Diamond Queen, a "major" new series about our monarch, presented...