Rachel Cooke trained as a reporter on The Sunday Times. She is now a writer at The Observer. In the 2006 British Press Awards, she was named Interviewer of the Year.

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TV and Radio
30 August 2012
Good Cop BBC1 The newspapers were all pretty interested in the fact that Murder, a one-off BBC2 crime drama, was...
23 August 2012
Tom Stoppard's adaptation reviewed.
15 August 2012
Blackboard jungle
08 August 2012
My deep love for the Olympics always takes me by surprise: this wasn’t, let me tell you, how it was supposed to...
26 July 2012
Although I’m not a fan of Downton Abbey, my dislike of it has nothing to do with its subject; it is bad writing...
18 July 2012
Wallander BBC1 Wallander is on his own again. In the first episode of the new series (Sundays, 9pm), we saw him...
04 July 2012
When I Get Older BBC1 In a bungalow in rural Suffolk, John Simpson, the grandly titled BBC world affairs editor, is...
27 June 2012
Veep, Sky Atlantic So, I’ve now watched three episodes of Veep, which is pretty much The Thick of It with an...
20 June 2012
  True Love BBC1 Someone who doesn’t like me very much recently said to me: “You’re...
13 June 2012
Last weekend, I flew from Spain to Luton Airport where, as I disembarked the plane, I was struck rather forcefully by...
06 June 2012
Wincing and blubbing through the TV coverage.
30 May 2012
Afghanistan: the Great Game: BBC2 It was Kipling who first pushed the phrase “the Great Game” into the...
16 May 2012
For a while now, Sky has been going after female viewers – for whom football and blockbuster movies are perhaps...
03 May 2012
  By the time you read this, the BBC will have been broadcasting Breakfast from Salford for a month. How...
26 April 2012
Just as I was beginning to wonder why Channel 4 still exists – the only thing I watch on it regularly at the...