Rachel Cooke trained as a reporter on The Sunday Times. She is now a writer at The Observer. In the 2006 British Press Awards, she was named Interviewer of the Year.

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Cultural Capital
20 February 2014
Babylon Channel 4 I saw the moderately hyped Babylon (9 February, 9pm) around the time PC Keith Wallis was...
UK Politics
13 February 2014
Conflicting human emotions.
TV and Radio
30 January 2014
The client, the brief and the wardrobe.
15 January 2014
Not all US TV is HBO.
21 December 2013
Rachel Cooke tells us what to watch – and what to avoid.
19 December 2013
Lucan ITV All writers are thieves, robbing graves by night and even by day. As one myself, only rarely do I wag my...
12 December 2013
Pilgrimage; Byzantium BBC2; BBC4 Is Simon Reeve the right person to present a travelogue called Pilgrimage? I’...
05 December 2013
Exile: how it clarifies things. Growing up, I didn’t feel particularly northern. At school, I was bullied for...
02 December 2013
Last Tango in Halifax; Borgen BBC 1; BBC 4 It’s easy to sneer at Last Tango in Halifax (Tuesdays, 9pm),...
TV and Radio
21 November 2013
Downton Abbey; Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain ITV A sad week, should your tastes extend to dotty costume...
14 November 2013
Bubble Bobble Prawns all round!
TV and Radio
07 November 2013
It's scary enough, but fails to convince.