Rabbi Janet Burden was ordained in July 2002. Born and educated in the
US she now lives in Britain. She previously worked for Oxfam.

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15 December 2006
'I've found your article lovable. I share with you the idea that Judaism is more than mere religion. It is religion ("...
14 December 2006
Ethical monotheism is indisputably the foundation of Judaism, its intellectual core. No matter how pure and grand that...
Middle East
13 December 2006
Having been invited to write these pieces as a religious Jew, you may be wondering why I have said so little about...
Middle East
12 December 2006
The word used for people who change their religions is ‘convert.’ I prefer the term 'Jew-by-choice' to describe my own...
11 December 2006
I am a Jew – a Liberal Jew. Why do I immediately qualify my statement of identification with the adjective "liberal"?...