Media Mole
17 January 2014
News from the trial of Constance Briscoe.
11 December 2013
The comments were made at a dinner party for Andy Coulson’s birthday.
14 November 2013
These are two voicemail messages left by Andy Coulson on Hannah Pawlby’s mobile phone that were played to the...
06 November 2013
Andy Coulson is "very ambitious but not ruthless", the jury has heard.
31 October 2013
The affair lasted at least six years, the jury has heard.
Business blog
14 August 2013
A Sky News cameraman is one of two journalists reported to have been killed in Egypt this morning. Mick...
21 June 2013
Mohan will take up a role advising News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson.
17 June 2013
Oly Duff will edit the i.
23 April 2013
Brings hacking scandal cost to £500m.
Business blog
26 March 2013
The BBC has now received nearly 600 complaints over Eddie Mair's interview with Boris Johnson on the...
12 February 2013
The Independent on Sunday and Independent are to merge, and the new seven-day-title will have closer integration with...
05 December 2012
Sunday Times chief sports writer David Walsh claimed a double win at the first British Journalism Awards (BJA)...
22 November 2012
The BBC Trust has appointed Lord Hall, the chief Executive of the Royal Opera House, as its new director-general. Hall...
24 August 2012
Paper says it was in the public interest.
08 August 2012
The Sun has launched a £25,000 reward to help find missing schoolgirl Tia Sharp. The 12-year-old has not been...